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Reimagining Live-streaming by Rewarding Users

Castweet?s vision is to rethink how people engage and interact with live-streams, no matter what the content. The current offerings completely ignore the value that viewers create for the platform itself, instead taking a lion?s share of the revenue and only rewarding content creators.

By rewarding both viewers and content creators with blockchain-based incentives, Castweet aims to create a more balanced and fair ecosystem where everyone is motivated to view, interact, and share their lives or talents with others. We know the value that viewers bring, so why not reward them?


Creating a Healthy Platform Ecosystem that Values Everyone
CTT: a Utility Token with Actual Utility

The Castweet ecosystem combines live-streamed contents sharing with blockchain technology, thus creating an ecosystem that rewards everyone. The goal of the Castweet project is to provide real use cases based on the actual behavior of current live-stream viewers and creators in order to incentivize the use of the tokens within the platform. By combining the platform use cases with rewards, the Castweet project can both improve the value of the CTT token while rewarding all users who participate. In this way, a healthy and entertaining platform can be maintained and grow.

Viewers can use their earnings to tip their favorite content creators, subscribe for additional rewards such as specialized chat emoticons, or exchange their earnings for CTT tokens for monetary value. The Castweet Project expands upon the first-generation of blockchain-incentive projects and creates real, sustainable value.

Competitive strategy

Transparent Revenue Sharing

By using a blockchain-based token system, any user can track the payments made within the platform. This allows a more transparent and trust-based ecosystem that shows an equal revenue share to both viewers and creators on the platform.

Viewer-focused Compensation

Viewers are the heart of all live-streaming platforms. By rewarding viewers for engagement, a more complete and equal reward system can be created. Instead of the 1% of Content Creators taking all of the rewards, the 99% of viewers can earn as well.  

User-Level System

Level-up your account as you participate more actively within the platform. The higher your level, the more rewards you get on the platform. Higher level users have access to specialized chat emoticons, higher CTB earning, and even reward their favorite content creators at a higher rate.

Abuse Detection System

Many blockchain-based incentive platforms have difficulties with maintaining a healthy ecosystem within the platform. By benchmarking normal user activity, the problem of abuse accounts can easily be solved without having to limit user registration or platform participation.


Castweet Broadcast Platform

Cross platform framework

The Cryptube creator tool and the Cryptube user timeline page provide an optimized broadcast environment for a web browser and performance through the Unity 3D engine and Web GL framework. Cross-compiled using the Web GL platform and web assembly, the Cryptube platform is designed to make it easy for users to access the platform in any environment where a web browser can operate, regardless of the platform's configuration and hardware, such as PC, tablet or other mobile device. The Cryptube platform, which is composed of rather heavy development engines, is compiled into a simple binary format by using the web assembly. Implanting client server and applications of Cryptube into a web browser, memory usage is reduced with faster performance.

Decentralized system structure

Through Cryptube platform, Castweet has established a reasonable compensation system based on transparent blockchain technology in relation to creators and content producers' revenue models. A decentralized incentive system structure allows users to clearly understand the total amount of CTT used in Castweet and Cryptube platform, as well as incentives and fees distributed to creators, content producers, video editors, and agencies like MCN. Users who consume content are also appropriately compensated for platform contributions such as advertising viewing, reviewing and contents rating and all compensation processes are transparently recorded through blockchain transactions. This decentralized incentive structure allows all users to participate in the operation and management of the Cryptube platform.

CTT Creator Tool

Next-Generation Solutions to Today?s Streaming Problems

P2P Marketing System

Too often, live-streamers hit a wall when it comes to the growth of their stream. Traditional platforms make it almost impossible to be featured on the main page without already being one of the top 1% of streamers. The Castweet Platform allows boosting of a user?s stream to main pages in a competitive bidding system to help increase their reach. Build a following fast.

Bounty Campaign System

Our bounty campaign system allows live-streamers that are just starting out a way in which to expand their stream and follower count by gaining increased exposure. By creating and funding a bounty campaign, content creators can create a budget for how much to reward each new viewer for engaging with their content. Go from amateur to Pro.

Viewer Tips and Subscriptions

Since users can earn CTB/CTT within the platform just by viewing, this provides additional revenue streams for the content creators themselves. As a viewer earns CTB, they can easily tip their earnings to their favorite streamer, or save up earnings to pay for a monthly subscription. Rewarding Viewers actually rewards Creators.

E-commerce Livestreaming

The Castweet platform features a full service payment system for live e-commerce sales directly to consumers with CTT. Available to any level of entrepreneur, from amateurs to experienced professionals. Sell with the blockchain.

CTT Information

CTT Issuance and distribution information.

Corporate jurisdiction

Republic of Korea




(Based on Ethereum)

Total Volume

2,000,000,000 CTT


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